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Dreamception 10-15-18

I woke up today at 2:45 AM after a very intensive yoga training weekend, also having gone to bed around 10:30 PM last night. I tried to go back to sleep until around 3:30 AM and then decided to get out of bed and get some coffee. I usually only drink one cup of coffee in the morning and I was really wanting that cup of coffee, but I didn't want to wake up the rest of my family. So, I opted for a glass of water; and sat down at my computer to read some more of The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself by Michael Singer (which was recently gifted to me and I was only starting chapter 2, but love this book already!!). I read through to page 33, chapter 4 called 'the lucid self'. At this point I decided to return to bed, without coffee. I fell fast asleep and began dreaming that my husband had woken me up because I was moaning in my sleep and he realized that I wasn't getting enough oxygen, as my neck was wrapped with blankets and a long black scarf. I felt cozy, but felt like I was a little high from not getting enough oxygen. I was VERY light headed. I made coffee and had a small cup in my hand. I was thinking that we had just moved into this place; and there was stuff scattered everywhere. My husband had a large desk in the middle of this very large room.. the same room that the bed.. and kitchen.. were in. At this point I realize that today is Monday and I have not yet registered my daughter, Mason, for school. So, I joke that she gets to take a day off and we'll go that day to get her registered. I go to check my calendar (the one I use daily), and I accidentally spill my little cup of coffee on the desk. The coffee is creamy in color and it's all across the desk and onto the floor. I wonder how such a small cup of coffee got so spread out, but there were huge drops everywhere. It's all over my calendar! I start to clean it up with a paper towel and the pages of the calendar are not legible. At this point, I realize that I'm dreaming and I wake up. I start to tell my husband about this dream that I was having.. and then, I realize that there is coffee still splattered across the desk.. across the floor and everything else just as it was “in my dream”.. that I'm still in the same room! That I'm still dreaming! So now, I've woken up from a dream only to realize that I'm dreaming, and then realize that I'm STILL DREAMING. Now I'm very aware that I'm lucid dreaming! I'm still in the same room (the new house with the big room). I decide to venture outside of the room. I look down and I'm still in my bathrobe, so I decide that I need a change of clothes and I look at myself and say “shorts will do”. Suddenly, I'm wearing a comfortable pair of shorts and a t-shirt. And I think “this will do just fine”. I go to the front door. As I walk up to the door, which has a glass pane in the center, I see a large hairy figure outside (kinda like Hagrid, from Harry Potter, but not clear). I open the door to this large hairy monster. I start to walk past the monster, who is standing off to my left; and I say “Hey, Monster”. The hairy figure moves past me into the door and the door closes behind me. I'm on a little porch, but it's covered in earth and vines. I can feel the grass between my toes and the soft ground beneath my feet. I hold onto a vine type handle on my right side and lean to look around the corner to my right. I see a thick forest full of trees with purple leaves. I feel the wind pick up.. I look around. I look back into the forest and I see a large storm blowing leaves from the trees. The wind is strong. I look to my left and I see that I'm inside of a forest, under the canopy, and there are large trees and lots of roots growing out of the ground. There are puddles and a few children, wearing raincoats and boots. The kids are playing in the puddles and laughing. Everything is calm and very serene. At this point, my husband moved in bed and I REALLY woke up.

Lucid Dream
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