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Class Descriptions

All Level Flow




This class is designed for every body.

Modifications are given throughout the practice.

First time participants are welcome and encouraged to join.

Class will start with a warm-up / centering, progress into movement through poses, and end with a cool-down and relaxation.



This class is for those who want to try yoga for the first time or just get back to the basics.

You will learn proper technique in poses and breath-work.

Learn to sync poses, and transition through different poses, with your breathing.

Little Sprouts


Fun and easy practice for kids of varying age groups. Ages will be listed on schedule.

Playful atmosphere.

Kids will learn mindfulness and social interaction with peers of their own age.

Peaceful Petals




This is a gentle, restorative, or yin class for participants of every level.

Focus is on restoring and relaxing. Most of this practice will be on the mat.

Participants should be comfortable getting down onto the floor.

This class uses blocks, bolsters, and blankets for support in poses that may be held for several minutes.

Deep Roots



This class is for those who are looking for a more intense workout and want to take their yoga practice to the next level.

Class will flow quickly through a series of poses designed to build strength.

Participants are encouraged to challenge themselves, while being lead safely through their practice.


Older Adult



This class is for older adults or anyone with limited mobility.

Yoga will be practiced while seated, or standing, with the support of a chair.

Participants will use provided straps, blocks, and balls to gently deepen flexibility of muscles and mobility of joints.

SilverSneakers and Renew Active Participating Studio.

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